Permission error

Error : PermissionMask check failed. asking for 0x00000005, have 0x2000011001

One of our SharePoint 2010 sites started throwing an error with correlation ID. This site has multiple user permissions.

The issue started occurring after a routine windows maintenance. so I figured this should not have happened due to code or DB issues. ULS logs also pointed out there was an issue with space but when I checked all the drives had enough free space. Though there was enough free space I did delete some old files as I have seen before in VM’s with SAM storage there could be some drive corruption and though it shows free space you will not be able to write any files to it. It did not help.

Next thing was to look into the error above. I googled it and read some articles talking about app pool permissions so I checked to make sure app pool account was good. This account was not changed since the site was created and it was active.

Next, I restarted the app pool which will recycle the IIS cache and that did the trick.

The site was up and running.


Thank you




Before any major release, it is fun to create excitement among users. It will also encourage users to look forward to the new product. Recently I used a timer to keep up the excitement of a new site we were going to release. I have used SharePoint script editor webpart and embedded this script which will show a timer countdown on your page.

<b>New release in</b>

TargetDate = “02/01/2018 5:00 PM”;
BackColor = “#e1e2e3”;
ForeColor = “navy”;
CountActive = true;
CountStepper = -1;
LeadingZero = true;
DisplayFormat = “%%D%% Days, %%H%% Hours, %%M%% Minutes, %%S%% Seconds.”;
FinishMessage = “It is finally here!”;