Anonymous access Site

I want to talk a little bit about accessing a SharePoint website anonymously. Just to keep it simple lets say our website just disseminates content. This might seem simple but majority of the websites in the world just does that. One good  example is Ferrari website which is aesthetically pleasing and does the job well.

  1. Create a new web application and enable anonymous access – Central admin->Application management ->New . Select Allow Anonymous “yes”. If you miss to select this now then you can always come back to this location select the web app and then Authentication provider on the ribbon -> click default and select Allow anonymous access.

2. Create root site collection – Application management – Create Site Collection . Do not forget to select  template as publishing site.

3. Launch the site as administrator (you could use the same account with which you created the web app above) . Go to Settings -> Site permissions -> anonymous access->Entire website.

You should be able to launch the website from the internet. Of course do not forget the DNS settings to resolve the website.


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